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What is it?
WebLinks is a facility to share Links (URLs like bookmarks) with friends. You may create and maintain a UserDir here and pass the id to friends. And once they install WebLinks browser component (Firebird/Mozilla Extension) and "Load" you UserDir. They will be able to access links you have created here.

You can also interlink links or sublinks on other UserDirs. This allows you to reduce the number of Links you have to create and maintain, if already that set is available at another UserDir. When you interlink and load UserDir on the bowser client, interlinked links or a links dir will appear as if it comes under your UserDir. See the "guest" UserDir in the demo, it use "weblinks" UserDir as a submenu. again "weblinks" uses "mozilla", "mozdev", "texturizer" etc. as submenus.

You can also publish you dir here.
So it can be made like a collection of interlinked Links, managed by community of maintainers and shared by all users.

Links created in WebLinks are not exactly Mozilla/Firebird Bookmarks. They comes as different menuitem (see screenshots). This is because of the mechanism to interlink links or sublinks on other UserDirs.

Alternative Projects
If you are looking for a more secure or more personal or for a corporate level Bookmark management facility, other options will be projects like.
1. BookSync - Mozilla/Firebird Bookmarks on ftp server
2. Bookie - Advanced bookmark management database
3. wwwampire - Remote sharing of bookmarks via LDAP
4. Mozdev Bookmark projects - More info

Install WebLinks (for Mozilla/Firebird)
Try WebLinks Editor Demo (use guest/guest as Login/Challenge)
Signup for for a separate UserDir
Publish UserDir

Share and Enjoy!!!
:) Biju

The links project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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